Friday, March 2, 2012

11 Things

Lovely Meg recently tagged me in her “11 Things” post. You should definitely check hers out before reading. Done? Mmmkay…

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and list 11 random things
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you’ve tagged them.

Photo of myself (taken via iPhone today at work):

3/2/12 workity work

11 Random Things About Me:

(This was hard because I listed all the really really good stuff HERE.)

1. With few exceptions, I avoid melted cheese and I don’t like items that have food sealed within a food (hot pockets, pot pies, anything with filling, etc.). If it has an open end, though, (like an enchilada or sausage roll), I can get past it. Maybe I don’t like culinary surprises?

2. Sometimes I think I have a minor case of OCD. If something I’m particular about isn’t done at the right time and/or way, I feel knotted anxiety. I have recently considered talking to someone about this.

3. After many many years of being all about red, I think my favorite color is shifting to yellow.

4. Jeromy tends to sleep right on the very edgy-edge of the mattress on his side of the bed, which makes me a panicked mess. I’ve been known to regularly tug/roll him over while he is sleeping so that he is more centrally located (and thus save him from certain injury from falling, right?).

5. I hate making small talk on elevators.

6. On the occasions I actually exercise like a good girl, my “Move It, Fatty” playlist is packed full of music I would normally not listen to or admit listening to. Boy howdy – I love me some Beyonce when I’m getting my groove on.

7. I can’t differentiate sounds very well. If the TV/radio is on pretty loud and you talk to me, chances are high I’m catching every third word. I’m always turning down the radio when J and I ride together.

8. I think it has been ten or more years since my fingernails have been painted an opaque color of some sort. I need to do something about that. My sis in law sported some beautiful robin’s egg blue on her hands recently and it looked yummy.

9. I think I would have made an awesome midwife.

10. Want to see me come completely unglued? Throw a June bug at me (and then quickly step back).

11. There are regions that seem to “speak” to people – for me, it’s a beach. I’ve only been to the Texas coast a few times but always come back feeling cleansed and inspired (I know… the TX coast doesn’t count as a real beach, but cut untraveled me some slack, okay?).

My Questions:

1. What is your biggest fear?
Regret. And bathing suits.

2. Share something that your readers may not know about you… and, you’d like to share.
It is on my bucket list to go to the Georgia aquarium and see the whale sharks. Road trip, anyone? :)

3. What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?
Tie between a raw oyster and a bug that flew in my mouth while mowing the yard when I was 12.

4. Chunky or smooth peanut butter?
Smoooooooth. I need to get a jar for the office since it’s off limits at home now.

5. What's the first thing you do in the morning?
Check the news on my phone. I want to see what happened in the world while I was sleeping.

6. You have 100 bucks, how would you spend it?
Probably on something practical or on a gift for someone. Jeromy hates that about me.

7. Cake or pie?
Cake for sure. Pie = “food within food”(see above).

8. Name one thing you said you'd never do but did?
Give Paisley a pacifier.

9. How old were you when you learned to roller blade?
When I was 18, my then-boyfriend and I bought a pair and I wobbled my way into learning at a park.

10. What song are you ashamed to say you know the words to?
Baby Got Back. It is played at most weddings I’ve shot. *facepalm*

11. Do you laugh out loud when you type, "lol" ?
Only when I am on GTalk with my buddy, Kenna. She definitely makes me lol and rofl irl. Other than that? No.

My questions for the tagged people to answer:

1. What is your favorite childhood toy?
2. How do you eat your oreo cookies?
3. Describe a moment where you felt your happiest.
4. What is something you plan to try this year?
5. Favorite word? Least favorite word?
6. What is a saying that best represents you?
7. What is your perfect weekend?
8. You just won a free vacation to anywhere in the world – where are you going?
9. You have to be a teacher for at least a year. What subject will you teach?
10. What is something you are proud of?
11. What item can you not live without?

Tag – you’re it! Mom, Amy, Kenna, Keishah, Ali (and anyone else who wants to play!)

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  1. I am so loving your post! Thanks for tagging me...I'll get right on it!